Adventure Treks, a Western North Carolina-based organization that arranges adventure outdoor travels for teenagers, was looking to refresh its annual trip catalog. The publication, which is mailed out to prospective attendees and their parents at the beginning of the year, needs to convey a lot of information, including the outfitters’ mission statement; skills that will be learned on trips; trip logistics and planning information; staff and instructor bios and credentials; and testimonials from parents and alumni.

Intertwined with all of that information, we needed to reinforce the most important messages for kids: “This will be fun!”  And for parents: “Safety, safety, safety!” Harkness Design developed a layout grid and typographical system that presented Adventure Treks’ latest batch of stunning outdoor and adventure photos, along with easy-to-scan overviews of the various trips.

Photo selection was an important and painstaking part of this process. The client has an extensive library of photographs taken on each trip, and since they go to some of the most beautiful places on Earth, there is no shortage of gorgeous wilderness shots. The selected photos needed to work together in order to illustrate the essence of each trip;reinforce the message of safety; show kids having the time of their lives; give an accurate representation of the activities on each trip; and to especially showcase and encourage girls participating in intrepid adventure activities such as climbing and kayaking.

Learn more about Adventure Treks at their website.


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