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Harkness Design has had a long, productive relationship with guitarist and teacher Bruce Emery, helping him design, produce and market his innovative “Skeptical Guitarist” instructional books.

Throughout his years of performing and teaching, Emery has developed a friendly, patient, and commonsense approach for taking budding musicians through the progressive steps of learning their instruments and getting a grasp of how music works. Starting in the mid-1990s with a book making music theory accessible to guitarists who had gotten lost and frustrated with other books and methods, Emery has written 15 books cordially inviting guitarists to try their hand at jazz, blues, holiday tunes, fingerstyle, and music principles, as well as introductions to the baritone ukulele and the mandolin.

Our collaboration with Emery has been revelatory; we developed a cover design template and color scheme that works across his many titles and makes them easily identifiable worldwide in the hundreds of record stores where they’re sold. The illustrations reflect his warm, straightforward approach towards teaching.

Client: Skeptical Guitarist Publications

Mandolin From Scratch Book Cover