The Provoke Soundbox project was launched by a collective of Duke University digital humanities scholars to showcase and curate digital projects that involved sound in innovative ways. “Rather than drawing from a particular historical period, culture, methodology, or set of aesthetic objects, Provoke! collects a series of processual explorations connected through an ethos of play, experimentation, and social interaction. Because of their sonically inspired, collaborative nature, many of these projects fall outside the purview of traditional academic publishing, yet each one offers a critical contribution to the ongoing dialogue about the future of sound studies and digital humanities.”

Projects showcased in this collection include a soundscape of Port-au-Prince, Haiti; a deconstruction of a new prototype electric guitar; and a study of how audio information was disseminated in 18th century France before recording technology.

Harkness Design collaborated with the scholars in developing ways to showcase the audio components with the visual texts and varied graphics provided by each scholar.