Zapolski Real Estate, LLC is a privately-owned, fully integrated real estate investment, development and management firm with a geographic emphasis on the East Coast and Northern California. Founder Todd C. Zapolski, a real estate veteran, focuses on the acquisition, development and redevelopment of retail, office, multifamily and mixed use properties.

Harkness Design developed a comprehensive identity system for Zapolski Real Estate. Inspired by architectural plans and by the unique nature of the letter Z, the visual elements of the system work together to communicate the solid knowledge and experience that Zapolski and his team bring to their development deals, and the imagination and vision needed to create a successful and thriving property.

Zapolski’s website has been redesigned and developed to showcase the company’s capabilities and properties, and includes rich resources for tenant looking to lease space. Because successful real estate development requires open communication and good relations with community stakeholders and business partners, those audiences were central to the website concept and content development.

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